A&B to host 2019 World optimist dinghy championship

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Antigua & Barbuda has won its bid to host the 2019 World Optimist Dinghy Championship.
Claire Cupples, executive member of the Antigua Yacht Club, says the success came as a result of the country meeting all the requirements for the event.
“Basically they needed to know that we will be able to cope with about two hundred and fifty youngsters and their support teams coming in. I think that we will have about one thousand people coming in. They also looked at the conditions for sailing, which of course we’ve got ideal sailing off English Harbour and the beauty of the Nelson’s Dockyard to host the event,” Cupples said.
She added that it was easy to win the bid for the World Optimist Dinghy Championship having hosted the North American Dinghy Championship twice in the past. She highlighted that this tournament is geared towards children from ages 10 to 15.
Cupples said she expects one thousand people in total and this would do wonders for the economy and especially for individuals in the English Harbor community since the visitors will need food and transportation.
The Antigua and Barbuda team comprising boys and girls started training since last year.
Cupples also said that the future of the sport looks bright as there are some promising young sailors in the team that she believes could be world class in two years. It is mandatory that girls be a part of the team.
The games will take place in July 2019 and is expected to draw lots of people from around the region.

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