A&B Gospel Music Awards 2019 to celebrate advancement in the gospel music industry

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Organizers for the Antigua and Barbuda Gospel Music Awards (ABGMA) 2019 held a press conference on Tuesday to preview the awards ceremony on April 27.

The 5th annual awards ceremony, to be held at the Caribbean Cinemas Complex, will highlight the achievements of gospel artistes, spoken word performers and media personalities within Antigua and Barbuda.

Speaking at the conference, ABGMA founder and chairperson Stanshaw Cornelius said plans for the awards ceremony are underway 

“This vision [for the ABGMA] began with a desire to see persons within Antigua and Barbuda honoured for the work that they do. What


upon me is that a lot of persons within the Caribbean are often overlooked. It is not that people are yearning for an award, but it is something that is important,” she said.

She added, “I have seen over the years so much talent, whether it is songwriting or singing, and we need more platforms for these talents to be showcased.”

Additionally, Cornelius believes that young artistes who engage in broadcasting positivity need to be promoted.

“Not every young person is engaging in something negative, tearing the country down. There are some who are positive, focused and driven, and all they need is our support,” she said.

Cornelius stated that the theme for this year’s awards will be “Acceleration,” highlighting the great strides that persons in the gospel music industry have made.

“Acceleration came from the word of God, which says we are moving quickly into our greatest potential, so for those who are prepared for the opportunity, for the things that are open to us, [it’s acceleration]” she said.

Persons who have been nominated for awards include Gabrielle Denae, John Mark Wiggan, Keron Nicholson, Lamar Thompson, Lisa Harris and William Dorsett.

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