A&B Coach Laments Poor U-19 Showing

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The head coach of the Antigua and Barbuda team in the just concluded Leeward Islands Under 19 Cricket Tournament feels that many of the players in the tournament need a lot of work.
Antigua and Barbuda was a dominant force in the tournament, after crushing all of its competitors.
Ian Tittle, said there was a clear lack of preparation on the part of some teams.
“I think that Leeward Islands Players, in general, need to do a lot, a lot of work,” he said. “I think the tournament to me, personally, was a disappointment….”
He said he was most dissatisfied with the batsmen, whom he said did not score a lot of runs in the games, which were all held in Antigua & Barbuda. 
The tournament concluded on Monday, July 17, with Antigua and Barbuda scoring an impressive 126 run victory against Montserrat. The hosts made 242 for 8, while Montserrat was left in the dust with 116 all out.
Tittle credited the host country’s stellar performance in the competition to the months the players spent preparing ahead of the event. He, however, added that despite the country’s performance, the team needs to improve on a technical level.
“You can see some of the flaws when they are batting and when they are bowling,” Tittle said.
Among the other countries participating were Anguilla/St Maarten, Nevis and St Kitts.
Meantime, Tittle said that he supports the games in the competition being moved from the current one-day format to two days.
He believes the one-day version of the game forces players to make “a lot of shots” without “taking their time to bat”.

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