A timely donation

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Many of the students had been struggling with the suffocating heat in their classrooms at the Pigotts Primary School, and yesterday some welcome relief was provided.

Mr Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts, the United Progressive Party candidate for the constituency of St George, stepped up in a big way and donated 12 ceiling fans to the long-suffering students.

According to Mrs Shara Quinn, the elated principal at the school, “Today, we extend sincerest thanks to Mr Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts, for his generous donation of one dozen ceiling fans to the Pigotts Primary School. Since our return to school, classrooms have been unbearably hot, and we have been desperately seeking donations to ease the discomfort for teachers and students. Mr Watts paid a visit this morning, identified the need, and promised to assist us. By early afternoon, he returned with the fans. On behalf of the principal, staff and students, we say, ‘thank you, Mr Watts.’ We will certainly enjoy cooler classrooms as soon as they are installed.”

In a conversation with our newsroom, Watts declared, “I could not see our students trying to pay attention and absorb the material in that terrible heat. I place a premium on education, and I believe that we have to create an environment that is conducive to learning. These are the men and women of tomorrow; these are the future of Antigua and Barbuda and my constituency. It is the least that I can do. I am so happy that I was able to assist.”

This is not the first time that Mr Watts is meeting a need. A few days ago, at the invitation of famed community activist, Mickey Josiah, he was able to assist the New Winthorpes Primary School with a generous donation of ceiling fans.

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