A perspective of politics according to the Bible

It has been said that there are three topics that should not be talked about in a polite company, viz, sex, politics and religion, since they appear to be controversial. However, I wish through this medium to proffer that nothing could be further from the truth since they are contained in the Scriptures and those of us who are Christians believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God.

For the purpose of this article, I will seek to address the word “politics” and what the Bible has to say about it. The English word “politics” comes from the Greek word “polis” which means city or state. In Bible times there were no elected officials or constitution. There were kings and subjects and the law of the land was whatever the King decreed. God cared about what the kings did and this can be found in the writings of the Old Testament prophets who spent most of their time lobbying the kings since the prophet’s voice was the voice of God.

Just to remind us that God Himself has set us three institutions:- The Family (Genesis 2); The Church – by giving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 2); Human Government (Gen 6 and when Saul became King in 1 Samuel 10-12).

In the Church, we address family issues, missions, church plantings, benevolence, etc, but we are afraid to speak of politics because we have been brainwashed that it is a dirty word. However, nothing can be further from the truth, although there are some forces who, for obvious reasons, would really want to muzzle the church. Think of what would have happened if the Prophet Nathan did not confront King David for using his power, his position and influence to deprive Uriah of his wife. Think of how John the Baptist confronted Herod about his licentious lifestyle and also when Paul stood before Agrippa, he reasoned with him on temperance and righteousness.

So why is the church afraid to address political issues? What are our churches and denominations doing to strengthen and shape the governance of our country? God cares about politics.

Note the following

In the New International Bible, there are 642 verses which refer to law, laws and lawlessness.

There are 211 verses which refer judgment, and judges.

There are 561 verses which speak of justice.

There are 195 verses which speak of courts.

There are 301 verses which speak of ruling and rulers.

There are 100 which speak of government and governing (see Isaiah 9:6).

I think we can surmise that Jesus cares about government since it sits on His shoulders. All in all, there are 2010 Bible verses about God-given institutions of government. A country is judged by its leadership and as consequence, the Christian’s role become even more greater. The more involved Christians are, they will be better able to influence society to becoming a more God-fearing nation. Unless a country has transformed people, it is unlikely that it will pass very good laws or have very good leaders if the population as a whole lacks moral values…

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