A new date for top cop’s case against the PSC and AG

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June 20 is the new date given for the hearing of Wendel Robinson’s application to challenge his suspension which was ordered amid sexual harassment complaints from junior male colleagues and a pending probe into the matter.
The initial date of June 6, issued for Justice Rosalyn Wilkinson to hear the case, had to be changed as she has since gone on pre-planned leave and a new judge is taking her place in the interim and he too has other engagements that had already been planned.
The new judge is Godfrey Smith.
The information was confirmed by Dr. David Dorsett who represents the Police Service Commission (PSC) which suspended Robinson in April and which refused to give in to his demand to be reinstated that same month.
The PSC is named as one of two respondents to the commissioner’s application for judicial review, while the attorney general is the other respondent.
Dr. Dorsett said that up to late yesterday, the PSC was not served with Robinson’s affidavits in support of his claim.
In early May, Robinson took the route of filing a “without notice application” when he asked the High Court to grant him leave to file for judicial review of his suspension and on Thursday May 10, Justice Wilkinson granted him the application.
He has been on suspension since April 5 pending the outcome of a yet-to-be conducted probe into claims he made unwanted sexual advances towards three male colleagues and victimised one of them for turning him down.
To date, there has been no word from the Commission regarding who will conduct the probe and the terms of said probe.
According to court documents, Robinson asked for the case of his suspension to be treated “as urgent” and this has been granted.

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