A multi-faceted approach to child’s suspected suicide is underway

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The welfare department is investigating Friday’s suspected suicide in which 12-year-old Jaquez Lanier of the Seventh Day Adventist School allegedly hanged himself.
The minister responsible for Social Transformation, Samantha Marshall, said the welfare division, which falls under her ministry is doing a probe. But, she said she could not speak further on the matter until today.
The division, headed by Alethea Byers, usually does the probe and hands the findings over to the minister who then has to decide what resources or policies have to be developed, if any.
The social transformation ministry will also be working along with the ministry of education to determine how that section of government could assist with guidance and counselling services in the private schools such as the Adventist School that the child attended.
The police force is also investigating, and its spokesman, Inspector Frankie Thomas said an autopsy is to be scheduled to determine the cause of death. The police are also looking into what exactly happened in the period leading up to the child’s death.
Family member and relatives were lost for words last Friday night as they gathered in groups sobbing over the news that he allegedly ended his life earlier in the afternoon.
Approximately 30 men, women and children wept as they hugged and tried wiping each other’s tears on the scene outside the small wooden house at Mack Pond, All Saints.
So far, this year the police have received reports of at least four suicides.
The issue has again highlighted the need for proper counselling services for the youth as was brought to the fore after Hurricane Irma.  At this time, there are no hotline services or crisis locations that cater specifically to the youth.

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