‘A giant of a man’: Colleagues reflect on the life of late Newsco employee

The late Roger Abbott (Photos courtesy Stacy Samuel)
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By Carlena Knight

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‘Loyal, dedicated and a true friend’ were some of the words used to describe Observer Newsco employee, Roger “Rogue” Abbott, who died at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre on Thursday.

The Upper Gambles resident was known for his sense of humour and his dedication to any task put in front of him.

In his professional life, he mentored and impacted many people both here and abroad. He worked as the Deputy General Manager for ABI Insurance; Chief Accountant at Central Marketing Corporation (CMC); Managing Director of Easy Pay World Holdings Ltd; Consultant at the International Management Financial Services Ltd in St Vincent; and as a consultant for JMC in Nevis.

As senior financial advisor and a shareholder, Abbott also played an integral role in the birth of Newsco in 2018, Station Manager Dave Lester Payne explained.

“When we started, we worked hand in hand putting all the parameters in place. Roger was a happy-go-lucky fellow, he was always telling you something that’s jovial, but as an individual, well I only met him when we started Newsco but he was a very, very straight up person.

“He was honest and a hard worker. He was always there willing to lend a hand. We are going to miss him. He was a giant of a guy, an accountant extraordinaire and we will miss him,” Payne said.

For others, the Black Hills State University and University of Colorado graduate was one of the greatest friends one could have in their circle as “he would even give the clothes off of his back”.

Just ask Stacy Samuel, colleague and close friend.

“Roger was actually the one that suggested I be brought on to help with the birth of Newsco. He was a person that you could always rely on. I just get emotional when I think about him because we have lost someone who was a great person, dedicated to his family and friends, and once he is for you, he is definitely for you,” Samuel said.

“There was nothing too much for Roger to give. He was the type of friend that would give you the clothes off of his back if he can help you.

“His death is a tremendous loss for Newsco, for all of us and for me personally, as he was my personal friend. I cannot say enough about Roger.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to him and his family for loaning him to us and I just want to say, we love you and will miss you Roger; you will always hold a special place in our hearts,” Samuel added.

Abbott died of natural causes. He was in his early 50s.

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