A former LIAT worker demands answers about the status of severance payments

LIAT commercial passenger operations are to begin on a reduced schedule, following initial flight on November 1 (File photo)
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A former LIAT worker is appealing to those in charge of the Antigua-based carrier to provide an update on overdue severance payments.

The single mother of one says she was last told that prospective investors were expressing interest LIAT.

The woman has since told Observer that not much is being said about the severance owed for the years of service that she and hundreds of her colleagues put into the airline.

The former LIAT worker who was speaking on Observer AM on Thursday morning, remarked “It is not easy out here trying to get a job”.

She believes that the hiring process is tipped in favour of younger applicants.

The woman says she has had to make hard choices because of her limited finances.

“Right now, I’m at the point at which [I have to decide] which bill will I pay first. Is it the internet so that my son can continue to do his studies or is it the light bill, is it the water bill – you know, it is not as easy as people think it is and people are suffering”, she said.

LIAT, which is under a court-approved Administrator in an effort to stave off liquidation, owes millions of dollars in severance and other entitlements to terminated workers from across the region.

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