A crucial ban has lifted on Barbuda for Caribana

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Some aspects of the closed-season on Lobster have been lifted in Barbuda.
The Minister of Fisheries, Arthur Nibbs says residents will be able to sell the delicacy during Caribana.
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Nibbs says the Cabinet made the decision last Wednesday and it will be ratified when the minister meet on Wednesday.
It is illegal to sell, catch or eat lobster between May 1 to June 30.
A flyer, reportedly, on the Barbuda Council letterhead has been posted around the island advising that anyone who wants to sell lobster during Caribana should contact the Fisheries Department.
The circular also says vendors will have to pay a 50-dollar to do so.
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Mussington says the vendors have to adhere to guidelines.
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That is the Minister of Fisheries, Arthur Nibbs who is also the MP for Barbuda.
He had said earlier this month that several people on the sister-isle had called for the closed season to be tweaked to accommodate the annual festival, Caribana.

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