Isuzu truck drivers learn safety tips

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Over 25 operators and owners of Isuzu trucks purchased from Antigua Motors participated in a Safety Seminar last week

The seminar was hosted by the Isuzu Motor Company and the local dealer to train participants on best practices for safely operating trucks, driving techniques to reduce operating costs and extend the life of the main parts – such as brakes, clutch, tires and springs – a release from Antigua Motors said.

Several topics were also covered on best practices for the safe operation of trucks, mainly as it pertains to road conditions in Antigua – being very narrow in some cases – and the daily road hazards that truckers encounter.

The participants also learned about the daily checks that should be performed before starting the workday in their trucks in order to prevent downtime on the road.

Also participating in the seminar were members of the Transport Board, the Government Workshop and the Police.

During the seminar, Isuzu’s Paul Rosero facilitated the lecture, while the Antigua Motors team – who were trained the day prior – demonstrated the daily inspection tasks, a 5-7 minute inspection routine that truckers should perform daily.

Many or the participants – including some very experienced drivers – came away with information that would definitely change the way they operate their trucks in the future.

All participants were presented with certificates.

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