$70K compensation for victim left blind from attack

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Patrick Alexander, a man left blind after his fellow villager, Quincy Marshall, smashed a bottle into his face during an argument two years ago, is to be compensated $70,000.

That’s the order of High Court Justice Stanley John, who ruled that the first instalment of $10,000 had to be paid to Alexander this month, and monthly payments of $1,000 must be made thereafter until the full amount has been paid.

Failure to meet any of the payments would result in Marshall being jailed. The court suggested that if Marshall could pay more than $1,000, monthly, then he should.

In addition to the compensation order, the convict must be of good behaviour for the next three years otherwise he would be jailed for the same crime of causing grievous bodily harm to Alexander.

The Central Street, Villa man was convicted since February this year before High Court Justice Keith Thom, who has since retired. Sentencing was handed down in recent days by Justice John.

Marshall and some friends were out drinking in Villa in August 2017 when Alexander showed up and there was a confrontation. During the incident, Marshall smashed a glass bottle into the victim’s face, causing damage to his eyes and subsequent blindness.

Although the injuries are serious, the judge took into consideration that if he were to impose a jail sentence on Marshall, the victim would not be compensated.

 The judge also considered the convict’s limited means when he set the timelines for payments of the compensation to the victim, who did not object. 

Currently, the victim is trying to seek care in Cuba with the hope of having his eyesight restored.

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