357 Magnum, 68 rounds of ammo found in unaccompanied luggage

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St Kitts – St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); A possible cross-border investigation is underway after a piece of luggage arriving in the federation late last week on a US flight was found to contain a gun and several dozen rounds of ammunition.
Police informed Monday that the luggage arrived at the RL Bradshaw International Airport in St. Kitts on Thursday (Mar 16) however after the bag was left unclaimed, a check revealed it was tagged to a passenger travelling to St. Kitts, who never arrived in the Federation.
WINN FM understands the case, which arrived on an American Airlines flight from Miami, was checked to see if it contained anything that would have pointed to the owner, but instead Customs found a Taurus 357 Magnum revolver, sixty-eight rounds of matching ammunition, two speed loaders and a holster.
Police and the Customs and Excise Department are jointly investigating the matter.
WINN FM asked Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley what efforts are being made to track the individual to whom the bag was tagged.
“Police have details but cannot disclose at this point in time due to the nature of the investigation; subsequently, we may be able to disclose.”
An airline employee told this media house that the whole scenario seemed extremely strange because normally, if a passenger does not show up for boarding, the person is paged, and if he or she does not present them self, their luggage is removed from the plane, even if it means a delaying the flight.
Meanwhile, Commissioner Queeley views this as a significant interdiction that may have potentially saved numerous lives.
“Certainly this interception is significant. We have sixty six rounds of ammunition entering the federation and every round of ammunition is a potential life.”

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