$3.5 Million EC Still Required To Finish Restoration Of Cathedral

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A further $3.5 million EC is still required to finish the restoration of the St John’s Anglican Cathedral.
The Parish of St. John the Divine revealed that since work begun in 2010 over $8.5 million has been spent.
Initially the restoration was meant to just replace the roof and aisles but later included the replacement of the entire structural framing, because of the degree of termite infestation.
The amount spent so far covered the cost of materials, transportation and labour for general work inclusive of plumbing, the electricals and the ground floor pews.
Of the 8 and a half million received, six hundred and fifty thousand came from the government and one hundred and twenty-five thousand From the Constantinian Order of St. George.
The three and half million needed to finish the restoration will be used to replace the intricate styling, molding and paneling, which distinguishes the Cathedral as an iconic architectural edifice.
About half of that must be spent for services to resume in the Cathedral, while other works are continued.

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