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2017 Junior Calypso & Soca Results

After over eight hours of competition, the judges results for the 2017 Junior Calypso & Soca competition.
2017 Junior Calypso Monarch Results:
Most cooperative : Kid Legend
Most improved Calypsonian : De Mytee BC
Best new artist : Kid Vicious
Most Helpful : AC Tafari
Best stage performer : Baby Eve
Most Punctual: De African Prince
Ages 5-12
Second runner up : Lyrical Weapon
First runner up: Baby Shine
Winner : Baby Eve
Ages 13-19
Second runner up: Singing Shylah
First runner up: Lady Melody
Winner: Kid Vicious
2016 Junior Party Monarch Results:
Second runner up : Kid Vicious
First runner up: Baby Eve
Winners: Empress & Soca Villain
Second runner up: Kid Vicious
First runner up: Psycho
Winner: Soca Villan


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