Health meeting to address issues facing our region

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Urologist Dr Dwayne Twaites says he is very concerned that some men are still not accessing screening for prostate cancer.
He says this is especially concerning after multiple men were discovered to have advance stage prostate cancer after being screened for the first-time, last month.

Dr Twaites says the cure rate for prostate cancer, if discovered early, is 95 per cent. However, there isn’t much medical practitioners can do once the disease enters its advanced stages.

He says, however, these control measures do not extend the life of the patient.
Dr Twaites is continuing to encourage men to be screened for prostate cancer.

The American Cancer Society advises men at risk for prostate cancer, including black men, to start discussing screening with their doctor at age 50 and earlier if they are at higher risk.
Screening tests include a blood draw for elevated prostate specific antigen or, P.S.A levels or a digital rectal exam, or D.R.E where a doctor attempts to physically asses the prostate for abnormalities.

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