Water rationing disrupts classes

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Antigua & Barbuda Institute of Continuing Education (ABICE) was forced to dismiss classes for the second time in under a week due to the water rationing occasioned by a shortage of water treatment chemicals.

Sessions were called to an end around 11 am yesterday, as was the case on Friday.

Principal Joseph Gilbert said he made the decision after much contemplation and being informed by Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) officials water would not be distributed to the area where the school is located until today.

“The situation with the water for the past couple of days has been a problem. Sometimes the pressure is high and other times it is low. Even before the situation last week, sometimes it was low, and when it is like that students would use the bathroom and they would get filthy and cleaners would have to go and clean them. The issue isn’t really the bathroom; it is lack of good water pressure,” Gilbert told OBSERVER media.

In addition to ABICE, All Saints Secondary School has also been affected. An official at the school said fifth formers, who have Home Economics assessments to complete, had to cart water from neighbouring buildings to do their projects yesterday.

Officials at other schools said they are fortunate to have functional pumps and cisterns as well as water tanks.

APUA’s Water Manager Ivan Rodrigues is expected to comment on the water rationing schedule today.

In a statement last week, APUA said it was forced to ration water from last Thursday because one water plant is down and delivery of water treatment chemicals was delayed due to bad weather in the United States.

The situation, which has left scores of residents frustrated, should be addressed by Thursday, APUA said.


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One thought on “Water rationing disrupts classes

  1. Just sick,y u wait till u would be low on this stuff to order bad management,we need our water in herberts,a couple of months a go we had to sufer because no rain ,now no chemical what type of country is this ,the missing link would have known better to keep stock pile of this stuff,this got to be a money issue talking about snow .so if the weather never changes we would never have water.guys at apua try and keep stuff like this in your mind keep this stuff in stock,at least 3 months worth all the time ,never let it go under that,u dont have to go university to know that


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