Two shootings in one day


ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Two people were shot in separate incidents yesterday, with one case being an attempted robbery and the other reportedly stemming from an argument between two men.

The incidents come a mere three days after an attempted robbery at a bank and shooting of one of its senior employees.

Details on the most recent incident were sketchy at press time, but reports are that shortly before 8 pm yesterday armed bandit(s) tried to rob a female proprietor of an ice-cream parlor in All Saints – a stone’s throw away from the police station.

When the perpetrator(s) didn’t get any cash from the businesswoman, she was shot in the upper arm, sources said.

Police rushed to the scene to comb the area for the assailants but up to press time it was unknown whether anyone was caught.

The victim was taken to Mount St John’s Medical Centre.

The second incident occurred around 2 am yesterday.

A 23-year-old Villa man narrowly escaped with his life as he dodged a gunshot reportedly aimed at his head but which struck him in the leg as he fled from his attacker.

A witness to the incident said the victim had a confrontation with another man outside the popular Wendy’s Night Club on Popeshead Street. Reports indicate that shortly thereafter, two gunshots rang out.

The victim’s injury was however not life threatening, the witness said.

(More in today’s Daily OBSERVER)



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5 thoughts on “Two shootings in one day

  1. @Tmac: I would appreciate you not asking the newspaper to sugar-coat the news, it is essentially asking them to lie for the good of the country. We already have plenty of politicians for that.


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  2. Dare I say it again. Safe little Antigua ha. Bring back the Mounties . They had no family connections to cloud their judgment. The village is too small to self police.


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  3. Observer, by plastering these headlines on your front page, does the country no good. In a tourist destination, you do not put this type of news on the front page, it does the country more harm than good. I know that all you are interested in is selling papers for the personal wealth of your shareholders, but look at the bigger picture, many of the people who buy your paper, make their livelihood in the tourism industry. You’re killing us.


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    -7Hot Debate!

  4. Top Flop needs Accountability June 28, 2013 at 07:48 - Reply

    What says our Top Flop these days: an armed bank robbery, 2 more shootings today!! Where were his police patrols? When will the government wake up and replace this incompetent, non accountable chief?


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