Tian Winter, Three Cylinder feature at Party with the Legends

Tian Winter

Tian Winter

Antigua has a major event planned not only to showcase its popular off-the-field entertainment but to honour some of the greatest to have ever played the game.

Party with the Legends was created by Dave Joseph, former Antiguan and Leewards captain and is planned for the Wadadli Animal and Nature Park, located at Lyons Estate a short distance from the Potworks Dam tomorrow, starting at 2 pm.

The event coincides with the Antiguan leg of a series of one-day internationals being played between the West Indies and England.

1 party with the legends - three cylinder

Three Cylinder

It will also be marking the 40th anniversary of two cricket giants – Sir Vivian Richards and Sir Andy (who is expected to be knighted today) being summoned to play for the West Indies cricket team.

The event is expected to have the presence of a number of Antiguan cricket greats to include former West Indies cricket captain Richie Richardson and pacer Curtly Ambrose, both of whom play with the Spirited Band, which will be featured as part of the evening’s entertainment.

Winston and Kenneth Benjamin, Eldeane Baptiste and Ridley Jacobs are also expected to make their presence felt as former Antiguans who have excelled at the highest level of the sport.

“It’s therefore really about bringing our cricket legends in contact with their fans and any member of the public in a festive and party atmosphere,” said Joseph, who also owns the park facility.

Besides Spirited, Tian Winter and his iConic Band along with the Three Cylinder form part of the entertainment line-up.

Chiki’s Hi-Fi, whose name is synonymous with the fun and party associated with cricket in the West Indies, will be on hand to keep the party atmosphere going throughout the night.

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  1. Well done to all antiguan please make the cricket festival fantastic just like how we use too do it. Antigua was the place that create Carnival Cricket than the rest followed. We need to start loving cricket again it suppose to be the heart of all Caribbean national and the government is right to honour our greats because these Antiguan gave the smaller islands an opportunity to play on the West Indies side and we need them back on the team and board not just Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana. Guyana is even Caribbean, it South America.


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