The ABLP announces investigations into UPP actions



Investigations will be held to determine whether there was malfeasance in public office under the Baldwin Spencer-administration.

Chief of Staff Lionel “Max” Hurst announced Friday that forensic investigations will be launched into a number of programmes and initiatives undertaken by the United Progressive Party (UPP) government.

Hurst, speaking on the ZDK Radio, said a special team has been commissioned to investigate the Wadadli Power Plant (WPP).

“They are also going to look at the CHAPA-Bau Panel arrangement. We are going to do Romantic Rhythms… $10 million per mile road” near the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium will also be investigated

“They are going to investigate the Transport Board, the Board of Education, the St John’s Development Corporation,” he said.

“(Also) the sale of crown lands, Public Works, the operation of our embassies both in Cuba and in New York.”

Hurst said Cabinet made the decision Thursday to launch the probes.

Those “scandals” became major talking points during the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) election campaign.

Incidentally, the UPP was elected in 2004, in part, on promises to bring elements of the then-ALP government to justice for wrongdoing in government.

The Spencer-administration hired its own financial forensic investigator Robert Lindquist to look into malfeasance in the previous government, particularly the IHI matter, but the resulting and much talked about report has never been released nor formed the basis of any court trial.

There’s more in today’s Daily Observer.


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