Technology minister lauds GATE initiative

Dr Edmund Mansoor

Dr Edmund Mansoor

Minister of Technology Dr Edmund Mansoor highly commended the work of the Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (GATE) initiative at a graduation exercise on Tuesday.

The GATE Cadet training programme graduated 11 of the 500 people who completed an eight-month stint in the use of and application of technology.

They received hands-on training in the use of still and video cameras, computer graphic design, Skype conferencing, multimedia and MAC computers, among other technological areas.

“Today’s activity has once again placed us on the ICT world map and puts us as a cutting edge ICT leader in the region, and now other countries are interested. The programme has received regional and international notoriety and I am proud to say it is a success,” Dr Mansoor said.

The minister said the programme allowed the equipment and resources to be easily accessible outside of the traditional eight to five-hour day.

“They sometimes worked until 10 pm,” he said.

He added: “We are developing a model that will enable the cadets to develop their own business collectively or individually. I envisage that a strong business model can be embedded into the training that allows the cadets to obtain hands-on experience, preparing them for entrepreneurship.

OBSERVER media was informed that the programme received assistance from Digicel, friendly governments and the United Nations.

(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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3 thoughts on “Technology minister lauds GATE initiative

  1. If 8 months of training isn’t a good thing then tell me what is? I call it a start that can propel some one to become great. Most of the individuals who started business like Apple and Dell got bored in college and quit. Just me a young man who quit college because he was bored with it, great programmer. He learned by hands on training as a kid not in a class room. Can we stop been so negative about everything.


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  2. Only In Antigua do people believe the foolishness being spouted by Mansoor.
    Antigua & Barbuda does not have an IT Strategic Plan. No Educational Technology Plan has been brought forward from the Ministry of Education.
    Mansoor’s plan is feeding Digicel & ACT.
    The Antiguan & Barbudan People need to run this rascal out of the Land.


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