Senator briefly put out of Upper House

A government senator was yesterday ordered out of the parliament chamber during the Budget Debate in the Upper House.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Legal Affairs Joanne Massiah was told by Senate President Hazelyn Francis to go outside and cool off.

The Speaker’s ejection of Massiah was in response to her frequent interruption of opposition Senator Gail Christian, who was at the time making her contribution.

Massiah complied, and after Christian completed her presentation, the Senate adjourned for lunch.

Senator Massiah was the first speaker following the resumption. At the end of her presentation she thanked the Senate President for granting her the time to cool off.

Massiah took Christian, a fellow lawyer, to task for failing to speak out publicly against a recent spate of verbal broadsides on Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack from quarters aligned to the Antigua Labour Party.

As Massiah saw it, Christian was duty-bound as a woman to distance herself from remarks that demeaned another woman in public life, and the high office of governor general.

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