Residents uneasy by spate of home invasion crimes

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A number of residents have admitted they feel “shaken” and “violated” after police were called to investigate several reports of home invasions that took place in different communities over the past few days.

One businessman, who spoke to OBSERVER media, said his wife is still distressed after she discovered their home, located on the northern portion of the island, had been broken into and valuables stolen.

“It happened on Friday afternoon. My wife came home from work roughly about 1:30 and she discovered that the house had been broken into,” the man said. “We called the police immediately and they responded pretty quickly.”

The proprietor, who wished not to be named, said he believes the officer’s quick response was due to fact that two other homes in that vicinity had been broken into that day.

The homeowner said the intruder(s) made (their) way into the master bedroom where the family kept their safes.

(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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4 thoughts on “Residents uneasy by spate of home invasion crimes

  1. It’s obvious that these home invasion crimes can be reduced or avoided if we put proper measures in place. Residents and the police must work together in that effort. It’s obvious that some of these home invasions are taken place while residents are either at work or gone on errands. We have to be more vigilant in our surroundings and report suspicious persons lurking in and around our neighborhoods. Yet, at the same time, we have to be aware of those persons in our own communities that are involved in criminal activities…whether its our relatives or friends. Some of us know who the perpetrators are but turn a blind-eye because of fear of retaliation or to protect our kin. I am of the view that our communities need a “24 hour” Neighborhood Watch Group compromised of citizens and former law enforcement officials to deter crimes. We don’t want Antigua to become a “police state” but we have to do more to protect our residents, businesses and tourism product. It’s either that or we start to set ‘human glue traps’ in and around our homes.


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