Petition for heads to roll at LIAT gather momentum

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Petitions calling for the removal of the top brass at LIAT have gained hundreds of signatures. It follows a disastrous summer for the airline with numerous delays and cancellations affecting passengers region wide.

One petition named “HOLD LIAT Accountable” has over 415 signatories, while a Facebook group for the petition has over 1,500 members.

“(Five)-hour delay on the first flight of the day, 2.5 hours stay on a plane on the runway with no A/C, missed my UK connection, no booking on the flight the next day (which they said they would do) and no food or drinks provided,” commented Bob McKay.

Another petition calls on the prime ministers of three of the four shareholder governments – Freundel Stuart from Barbados, Baldwin Spencer from Antigua & Barbuda, and Dr Ralph Gonsalves from St Vincent & the Grenadines  – to terminate the entire board and the top management within six months.

Further, the petition calls on the government leaders “to reduce and remove all airport, airline and passenger travel taxes fees and charges imposed by the shareholder governments, to set the example others may follow so that regional aviation may have yet another impediment removed from ease of movement among Caricom nations – as is publicly postulated as part of the regional political will.”

LIAT CEO Ian Brunton has defended high regional airport taxes. He said they are unavoidable because there is not enough traffic going through the regional airports to cover the cost of running them.

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3 thoughts on “Petition for heads to roll at LIAT gather momentum


    Ignore the meltdown, and you accept the way LIAT is now – don’t ever come back to complain about LIAT.

    I have been in aviation, in a range of roles, almost 40 years, and I am not trying to replace LIAT, just change the incompetent corrupt way it is run. If we cannot change LIAT after the last month then we deserve for LIAT to fail.

    And how did the airports exist before travel taxes? Is there a tax on every bridge and road in every country? Because it is a highway in the air does that make it OK to be taxable to double the air fare? Do the vendors at the airport not pay rent? Do the airlines not pay landing fees? When you park do you nm0ot pay for the privilege? Is EVERY cost at an airport to land on the back of the passenger?


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  2. the prices are high and that why nobody travleing now a ticket to st marteen cost 480 us. dollars and other air line have the same price to go new york that is impossible


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  3. Who are these petitioners? Do they have any idea what it takes to run a commuter airline? Look how many have attempted to replace LIAT over the years, and one by one they have failed miserably, even when they had the backing of “ponzi” money. I can think of at least six of them over the last 25 years.

    As regards removing the various travel taxes, how then are the Governments to finance the maintenance and expansion of the airports? I would really like to hear the alternative proposed by the petitioners.


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    -7Hot Debate!

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