The opposition Antigua Labour Party (ALP) said its “full steam ahead” with its campaign now that a date has been set for the general elections.

Leader Gaston Browne said Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer held the country in a state of confusion and uncertainty for weeks by not setting a date for elections.

“I believe that generally speaking, the Antiguan and Barbudan people are relieved …” Browne told OBSERVER media.  “We will be ramping up full throttle to make sure that we are unrelenting until victory is achieved.”

At a rally in Potters Thursday night, Prime Minister Spencer announced Thursday, June 12, as the election date.

“June 12 will be judgement day for Baldwin Spencer and his UPP regime. It will be deliverance day, liberation day, victory day for the people of Antigua & Barbuda,” Browne said.

The ALP’s chairman Paul “Chet” Green blasted Spencer for his playful antics in the revelation of the election date. Spencer has, for some weeks now, been saying that the election date was in his “back pocket” and that he had moved it to his “side pocket.

“Except the prime minister’s typical childish behaviour about the announcement of the date, about his side pocket etc, except for those things, the leadership of the ALP welcomes the announcement of the date,” Greene said.

Browne also refuted the notion that his party was losing momentum and enthusiasm in what pundits say is the longest campaign season in post independence history.

“We have not run out of steam. We have been very strategic,” Browne said. “We knew that we could not peak too soon. I believe the UPP’s campaign peaked since March 15, 2014. We have been pacing ourselves, obviously waiting for (Spencer) to announce the date.”

(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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