Nine months for career thief

A year ago, one magistrate opined that imprisonment was of no help to career thief Kanasa Robinson. But yesterday, when the man appeared in court and was convicted for the 12th time in his life, another magistrate saw it fitting to send the menace to jail for nine months.

Robinson, of Gray’s Farm pleaded guilty before Magistrate Keith Thom, to breaking and entering Daddy’s Bar and stealing a cellular phone, two packages of cigarette and $460.40 cash.

According to police reports, the owner of the Nevis Street business secured the premises at about 8:30 pm on January 6.

The following morning the businessman learnt his place was burglarised and upon investigating he came face to face with the thief who tried, but failed in a bid to escape.

Robinson was detained and when the police came and eventually took him into custody he handed over all the items, except $100 cash. He was later charged for the crime. At the court hearing, the man’s criminal record showed he had already been convicted 11 times and had been on three years’ probation for a similar offence.

The probation order was set by another magistrate in 2008.

In light of the information received, Magistrate Thom immediately ruled that the man be sent to prison for the next nine months, thus, giving the society a break.

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