Avie Howell dies after recapture by police

Avie “Demon” Howell

Avie “Demon” Howell

Escaped prisoner and triple murder convict Avie Howell is now dead after being shot and recaptured this morning.

Howell is the triple murder convict who escaped prison yesterday.

Police said this afternoon that the 24 year old succumbed to his injuries around 11:50 am.

Residents in Jolly Hill area spotted Howell and fellow escapee, accused fraudster Kenroy Marshall walking near the main road around 10:25 am.

Police who were in the area reportedly approached the men, and they attempted to run.

Residents said police discharged their weapons to stop the escapees from running into the bushes in Jolly Hill.

Howell was allegedly shot in the leg and rushed to hospital shortly before 11 am.

He died an hour later.

Howell and Marshall broke out their jail cell in maximum security between 6 am and 9:22 am Thursday.

They reportedly jumped the prison wall and were not spotted until Friday in Jolly Hill.

Kenroy Marshall, the second escapee, is still on the run.



Minister of Public Safety Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin confirmed the information about the escape and recapture.

Howell was hospitalised with a bullet wound to one of his knees.

The recapture occurred in the vicinity Radio Lighthouse in Bolans around 10:30 am.

Earlier Attorney General and Public Safety Minister Steadroy Cutie Benjamin expressed confidence that Howell will be caught…

More to follow…

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