Ministry to probe PSS graduation saga



The Ministry of Education said it is probing complaints made by parents of students attending Pares Secondary School (PSS) that their children are being penalized for something they did not do.

OBSERVER media was informed by a number of irate parents that fifth formers who will be graduating this year will not get their school leaving diplomas and Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) certificates until each graduate pay $75 towards sourcing paint to repaint some school walls that had been defaced.

Deputy Director of Education Clare Browne said the ministry has been notified of the situation but it is not prepared to comment until after it has conducted its own investigation.

“We are investigating, we don’t have any details, parents have just said whatever but we don’t know exactly what is happening,” Browne said yesterday.

OBSERVER media a copy of a letter that was sent home to parents of the entire fifth form student body of PSS. The letter stated that because some of the students wrote their names on the walls, every member of the graduating class needed to contribute to the $8,000 needed to restore the wall.

(More in today’s Daily Observer)


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