Man wounded, hospitalised


ST JOHN’S, Antigua – A gunman opened fire in broad daylight in Point yesterday morning, injuring one resident and sending others scampering for cover.

When the commotion settled, Haron “Hammerpump” George was found with a gunshot wound to his right leg. Sources said he was rushed to Mount St John’s Medical Centre, where he underwent emergency surgery.

Police Public Relations Officer Corporal Frankie Thomas said George was in stable condition yesterday and his injury was not life-threatening.

The officer said police had no suspects in custody and he urged witnesses to report any information they had about the latest shooting.

He said residents should call St John’s Police Station at 462-0045 or the nearest police station to file reports.

The incident occurred around 10:20 am on the same spot on lower St John’s Street, Point, where 21-year-old Philmore George was shot on November 7 last year and where cancer patient Dale Mulraine was injured by a stray bullet that pierced his home.

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2 thoughts on “Man wounded, hospitalised

  1. Concerned Resident please shut up………yall put politics in everything, thetas force is doing just fine, they cant predict where the next shooting will take place they are not psychics but they have been doing a good job, what can make this work is if you people stop putting politics in everything, stop typing here on the websites and start being our brothers keeper if you see something report it its that simple if you dont then hush your mouth and find a way to contribute to the resolution……at least the task force is doing their job what are you doing???


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  2. Concerned Resident January 25, 2013 at 10:59 - Reply

    That anti-crime and gun violence task force is really working well. The goons fear the police so much, they use their weapons during the morning hours with no fear of being stopped or caught. Time for a change in the leadership of the police force…after the election I guess?


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