Jaycees Queen Contestant, Ms Montserrat Tazia Briscoe


Tazia Briscoe was born in Jamaica but has made Montserrat her home since the age of six.

Tazia currently works as an Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Representative while studying Human Anatomy and Psychology in the pursuit of her dream to become a paediatrician. She hopes that in the future willbe able to to open a paediatric center on Montserrat.

As an advocate for the eradication of child sexual abuse, she is avidly involved in the “Break the Silence and End Child Sexual Abuse” Initiative and works along with the Community Services department to speak to students about this initiative.

A naturally gifted dancer she is a choreographer and teacher for the renowned “Dance Excel” group. Her motto is“whatever the mind concieves and believes, it can achieve”,and is very passionate about the redevelopment of her island.

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