Hurricane Season

St. John’s Antigua- It’s June 1st. That means that for the next 5 months we will be in the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season.


Well-known seasonal hurricane forecasters, Doctors Gray and Klotzbach of the Colorado State University(CSU), have predicted a below normal Hurricane Season with 10 named storms, 4 hurricanes and 2 major hurricannes.


This prediction is mainly based on, uncharacteristic cooling of the tropical Atlantic over the past several months, as well as a relatively high possibility of the currently weak La Nina event giving way to an El Nino event late into the season.


El Nino events, in general, are characterized by a decrease in tropical storm activity in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.


The list of 10 named storms, though, doesn’t include the name Irene.


That name was retired from the Atlantic hurricane list because it caused significant damages and loss of life across some Caribbean islands and the United States East Coast in 2011.

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