High Court hears record percent of cases

For the first time in years, the office of the Director of public Prosecution (DPP) has been able to complete more than half the cases listed for trial.


In the just concluded criminal assizes, DPP Anthony Armstrong noted that 44 of the 73 cases listed for trial were completed. In the previous criminal assizes the court only managed to hear 29 of the 77 cases on the docket.


Armstrong attributed the development to the temporary appointment of a second criminal judge to the High Court.


Justice Albert Redhead joined Justice Keith Thom in the criminal court earlier this year. For years, Justice Thom and his predecessors did not have a second judge to work with, which meant only one case could be heard at a time.


This eventually created a significant backlog of about 300 cases, some of which dated as far back as 2004.

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