Cruise Ship Passenger Died From Heart Attack

A post-mortem conducted on cruise passenger Steven Wood confirmed that the 50-year-old’s death was due to an acute cardiac failure due to hypertension.

The autopsy was done at the Holberton Hospital Morgue by Pathologist Dr Lester Simon.

Woods arrived in Antigua on December 23, 2009, from Florida aboard the Cruise Liner Ruby Princess. He died suddenly while snorkeling at Paradise Reef, Runaway Bay, during a three-hour snorkel tour organised by Wadadli Cats.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma resident, at the time, was believed to have suffered a heart attack while in the water with other snorkelers and crewmembers of the tour company.

Reports indicate that the man began to experience difficulty soon after getting into the water and he was quickly moved aboard an accompanying dinghy and taken to the touring catamaran.

Despite the presence of a doctor, efforts to revive him failed and Woods was subsequently pronounced dead.

Arrangements are being made to have Woods’ body flown home on Tuesday, January 12.

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