Cricket Association Evicted From SVRCG

ST JOHN’S, Antigua- Antigua & Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA) has received notice of eviction by the Minister of Sports, Senator Winston Williams Jr.

The ABCA secretariat, which occupies space within the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds complex, has been asked to relocate its office to the blue structure just outside the cricket grounds which is normally reserved for ticketing by no later than next week Tuesday, October 15.

Cricket association president Zorol Barthley, who is currently in Scotland representing Antigua & Barbuda in the International Pairs competition, responded to the “appalling level of disrespect” of the minister’s request with the following statement:

“With regards to your proposal that the ABCA vacate its current location, we respectfully advise that the ABCA will not be making any provision so to do, and as earlier decided in consultation with the Ministry of Sports, will relocate to the office recently occupied by the CPL. Be also further advised that the ABCA is not in a position to share office space with the Leeward Islands Cricket Association, as also proposed in your communication. As far as we are aware, the ministry offered office space to LICA without any consultation with the ABCA.”

Earlier this year while speaking at the Leeward Islands Cricket Association’s 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner at Grand Royal Antiguan Resort, West Indies Cricket Board president Dave Cameron promised that, “The WICB is prepared and willing to assist with the setting up of a permanent secretariat for LICA here in Antigua.”

Minister Williams reiterated the promise of the WICB head as he had announced that his government has given a commitment to provide office space to house the LICA Secretariat in Antigua and “will also provide certain amenities to operationalise the office.”

It is in keeping with this promise, the ABCA secretariat has been asked to relocate.

Barthley further responded to the Minister of Sports by reminding him of ABCA’s “ten per cent ownership of the assets of the Sir Vivian Richards Grounds” and that the “decisions made with regard to the running/management of the venue ought to be done after consultation with the ABCA.”

When contacted, Senator Williams told Observer media that although the cricket association has chosen to go public with a private correspondence, he will respond to its allegations in private as his original correspondence to ABCA was done in private.

The notice to vacate, however, comes at an awkward time as in just four months the country will host England in a Test match against West Indies. The Test series will run from February to March 2014.

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  1. will listen to jojo this morning to hear how he caries on about this ,a person that talk sports that don’t know about sports.jojo jumps to conclusion a lot when talking about some teams that he had never seen play ,not even football that the show is base on he knows what he is talking about ,and 95% of the time he has never seen any of these teams play .he even mention that in business league basketball that f.c.i. b.c just get a warf a blow ,and that’s were he was also wrong check the stats ,and stick to marble.In order to talk sports u got to know sports ,u would have to be like a scout ,watch a lot of basketball,football,cricket etc so you would be well informed,that’s the only way you would be able to talk truth to power,the games are not been televised so that would be advised .


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