CCTV cameras to be launched this week


Government will launch the long talked about closed-circuit television (or CCTV) programme this week.

Minister of National Security Dr Errol told the Senate Monday that the security cameras will help the crime fighting effort.

“We can’t put police men and women in every street corner,” the minister told parliament on Monday.

Over a year ago, government announced plans to embark on the project but cited financing as the main challenge.

In January, government entered into an arrangement with Digicel for the procurement, installation and maintenance of a CCTV system in St John’s city and the surrounding areas.

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3 thoughts on “CCTV cameras to be launched this week

  1. CCTV can assist in the safety of the area but only if those watching the cameras have the means of immediately dispatching the police to the viewed problem.
    The screen watcher must have a radio in their hand talking directly to the police officers who are patrolling the immediate area.


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  2. Why Digicel…u ask? Because a certain minister has CLOSE ties with digicel. You will find out after the elections…


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  3. Why Digicel? We have local companies who are familiar with the technology why could one of them have not been used to recommend a system and to maintain it? What is Digicel getting?


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