Cash siphoned from traffic tickets fund

St. John’s Antigua- Magistrates’ Court officials have found themselves under the police microscope over cash missing from the traffic ticketing “piggy bank.”

Sources told OBSERVER Media that officers pulled in several workers and grilled them at St John’s Police Station yesterday and

The matter came to light a week ago when hundreds of dollars from the collections cup could not be

accounted for. “Several of the workers were questioned and even after a thorough check, there were no answers as to what happened with the monies, at

The source said it is believed substantially more cash was taken, but from another account yet police

have apparently since backed off after staff replaced the sums taken from traffic department’s


But, the incident has left  several workers concerned a recurrence is highly possible.

The source said people who are ticketed pay monies though the courts and the monies in turn go to government.

“It could happen again,” the source lamented, “since the system is not properly set up for checks and balances.”


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