Carnival celebrations may be affected by weather

front carnival storm 3

Forecasters are keeping their eye on a tropical wave in the mid-Atlantic which is expected to develop over the next couple of days

Computer models forecast the storm to continue to head west towards the Lesser Antilles – which it could reach within a week.

If the weather system does develop and continue on that path it could affect the ongoing carnival celebrations.

The models are not yet precise…But the US National Hurricane Center gives the system a 70 per cent chance of developing into Tropical Storm Bertha within 5 days.

It notes however that dry Saharan air is mixing with the system, curtailing development for now, while sea surface temperatures right now are not ideal for storm development but are close.

Despite predictions of a quieter than normal Atlantic Hurricane Season, it has been even quieter than expected so far, with no named storms forming in May-June for the first time in 10 years.

Arthur, the first and so far only storm of the season, which formed at the start of July, was a Category 2 hurricane at its peak and made landfall on the North Carolina coast.

August, September and October are typically the busiest months of the Atlantic hurricane season.

Last week Deputy Director of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) Sherrod James revealed no hurricane shelters have been approved almost two months into the hurricane season


Possible storm tracks as predicted by computer models.

Possible storm tracks as predicted by computer models.

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