Call to timetable agricultural science in schools

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – A noted regional agriculturalist yesterday called for the science of agriculture to be taught at all levels in the nation’s school system.

Dr Gregory Robin, local representative for the Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute (CARDI), has been “insisting that my colleagues around that region and internationally, that we have got to get back to the schools.”

He said the call was “not for Antigua alone, but for the whole region. Teach the science of agriculture in the schools, starting at the primary schools.

“If we want to get that kind of impact in terms of our food security, we need to go back to the schools and education,” Dr Robin added.

Some schools in Antigua & Barbuda already have Agricultural Science on the timetable, but the expert said stigma associated with the profession has kept it at bay.

“It’s not the responsibility of the government alone. It’s the responsibility of parents and the community to remove the stigma on agriculture.”

He said, if approached as a science, young people will be more inclined to take the subject seriously.

“The people who do the soil analysis in the chemistry labs, they don’t have to be in the field,” he said.

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  1. Very good idea. Antigua and Barbuda cannot depend solely on tourism. Farming and Agriculture can help boost the economy,by growing and exporting ground provisions such as their variety of sweet potatoes which had become very popular in the developed countries.


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