ALP Chairman says repealing alcohol ban can be discussed


ST.JOHN’S, Antigua – Amid debate on the relevance of laws banning alcohol sale during Good Friday and Christmas day, the Antigua Labour Party Chairman says repealing the ban is up for discussion.

Paul “Chet” Greene says an ALP government would seek consultation on the issue.

“We will tackle those kinds of issues at the level of the constituency,” he said.

“We will have cottage meetings, town hall meetings to examine the impact of those kinds of things on the economy and on job creation.”

Greene added that at the same time the tradition and norms of, what he called, our “Christian society” must also be evaluated.

“Do we continue to uphold this particular position because its part of our Christian tradition?”

“Or do we pivot away from that to have it reflect our current day situation where a lot of jobs turn on it (alcohol sale), where our visitors in this particular period (expect it),” Greene said.

On Wednesday, John Duffy Commodore of the Yacht Club, called on tourism stakeholders to urge government to repeal what he described as archaic laws banning liquor sale.

Duffy said the ban was particularly worrying given that Antigua and Barbuda’s economy is almost entirely dependent on tourism.

The Yacht Club is located in St Paul the constituency Greene hopes to represent.

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