A&B students join deadly drinking craze

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Antiguan and Barbudan students are reportedly among those taking part in a global drinking craze that has already been blamed for a number of deaths worldwide.

The game is known as neknominate. It involves participants filming themselves downing alcohol, nominating someone to continue the game, and posting the video on social media.

Often with each nomination the participants attempt something more daring and extreme in an attempt to outdo each other.

The death of twenty-year-old Bradley Eames in the UK over the weekend was the fourth being blamed on the drinking craze.

The salesman filmed himself downing two pint glasses of gin and posted the video online, telling his friends he had to “show who is boss.”

It is estimated he consumed almost 30 shots of the alcohol in the two-minute video before challenging friends to outdo him.

He poured himself a pint and drank it, stopping half-way through to gag. Then he immediately poured another, while his hands violently shook and quickly downed it. He died just days after the stunt.

British MP’s have been calling for steps to stop the game.

Several Antiguan and Barbudans students have told Observer Media they are concerned as their colleagues are getting involved.

They say they are increasingly seeing their Antiguan and Barbudan friends posting videos of the game on Facebook.

They say the majority of the cases are of local students studying abroad in countries like the USA and UK where the game has caught on.

One student challenged her friends online asking why they were putting their lives at risk for a game.



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3 thoughts on “A&B students join deadly drinking craze

  1. If you can stop young kids from doing this its a plus education is the key it is wrong and stupid !! I dont like hearing about kids dying so young for something so STUPID!!


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  2. There will always be idiots. February 17, 2014 at 13:45 - Reply

    The all-inclusive fetes we host in Antigua have people drowning themselves in countless shots of liquor and even more mixed drinks in one night. One fete even had “chug six cans of Wadadli in *this many* minutes to earn a plastic drinking boot”. You see the odd few passed out in a puddle of their own vomit, but the majority of us are composed.

    In Neknominate you were made to down a pint of beer. Come on people, we’ve had Sailing Week competitions in the past that called for more beer to be chugged than that! AND nobody died, might I add.

    The point I am making is that it isn’t the game’s fault, just like it isn’t it the fault of the fetes or events. It’s tragic, but this falls on the people who make the stupid decision of trying to ‘show up’ their friends by exceeding their limits or going so far as to downing a bottle of vodka. The game isn’t putting anyone’s life at risk.


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