A local Rastafarian elder has blasted the Church as being hypocritical

Noel “Bongo First” Joseph alleged that the church criticizes the use of marijuana but often ignores the scourge of alcohol.

He said several denominations introduce alcohol to young people in the form of communion wine but yet they decry the use of weed.

when you confirmed, ah wine de furst ting dem give yah deh in church. How dem gine tell me that cannabis is a gateway drug,” he questioned.

Joseph was speaking at Wednesday evening at forum on marijuana which was organised by the National Youth Ambassador Corps.

However, Bishop Ewing Dorsette of the Church of God of Prophecy, said the Church is not to be blamed for the iuse of alcohol.

“Even though some use alcoholic wine for communion, that is not a daily thing, that is not in a bulk, it is few spoonfuls the most,” he countered.


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3 thoughts on “A local Rastafarian elder has blasted the Church as being hypocritical

  1. When God put these good herbs on the earth I think he did not want them to be abused or used in some of the form that they are use today such as smoking. Marijuana is a natural cure for many ailments. In my opinion boiling and drinking it as tea is fine. I am not an expert but I believe that the effect of burning it produces certain harmful chemicals which maybe can be detrimental to health which can cause mental illnesses.


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  2. I think that smoking this thing is bad for you but lately I have come to the view that we should legalise it.
    The same people would continue to smoke it and they will go down the same slippery path.
    The government could then impose a tax on its sale and allow licensed outlet to sell it.
    The penalties for selling it without a license should then be severe.
    Alcohol is sold legally and we don ‘t see the streets full of alcoholics walking around causing havoc.


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